Real leaders define the situation, they don’t let it define them.

You are going to run into situations that feel impossible. Situations where you will put so much stress on yourself that you freeze all action. Situations where you will have to make hard decisions that might negatively affect other people. Or situations outside of your control and you can only react.

You have a choice: you can either define what the situation is and come up with a plan to control it. Or the situation will begin to define who you are and begin to control you.

The difference is in the way you accept the circumstances before you. You have to acknowledge that anything up until that very moment of existence is irreversible. It happened. No amount of wishing will reverse time or your previous decisions.

Next you have to act. You have the opportunity to turn something that is working against you into something that makes you flourish. When you do that, you begin to define the situation because you begin to take control. Your actions now create the new narrative.

These are the moments you stand up and become a real leader because that is what you are doing… leading.

January 19, 2015