Barriers to User Engagement with Beacons


While beacons have great potential to improve user experiences and disrupt the world of marketing and analytics, there are many barriers still in place that rely on the user to understand the value exchange:

  • The user must download the app
  • The device must have Bluetooth turned on
  • The user must give the app permission to receive notifications
  • The user must give the app permission to monitor location
  • The user must tap into the app after a notification is given to access information
  • The user must act on the call to action

  • As illustrated above, to get a user the information they need they must be willing to download, turn on, opt-in and be willing to act on a brand’s notification.

    My biggest fear is turning user’s devices into private billboards for ads. We do not need more ads… we need more real world value from our digital products. Brands must make sure they bring enormous value to the user via beaconing – if not, beacons may never reach critical mass.

    August 28, 2014