Surround Yourself With Driven People From All Walks Of Life

People that do not accept mediocrity from themselves rarely accept mediocrity from those around them. If you surround yourself with supportive and driven people it will create opportunities to make yourself a better designer, entrepreneur, leader and even a better person.

Make it a goal to find like-minded people who touch other parts of the business world. I have friends who are successful in corporate real estate, project management for digital infrastructure, architecture, medicine and beyond. Through everyday conversation you will be given a cross-section of relevant industry advice that will allow you to see problems with different lenses.

I would also try to reach outside your industry online. Though the internet has given us the ability to get information from millions, are first inclination is to silo ourselves into those with like-minded point of views. I challenge you to follow people you might not agree with. If you are not process oriented then you should follow a rigid project manager advocate. If you are an Apple evangelist, follow Android fans.

This exposure to ideas, processes and information will give you the knowledge to make the connections that create real innovation and build empathy for what could be your future user or customer.

August 17, 2014